Changthang Valley

Tsomoriri Village

Tso Moriri Lake which means (lha mo la tso) in Tibetan or "Mountain Lake" is a lake in the Ladakhi part of the Changthang Plateau (literally: northern plains) in Jammu and Kashmir in Northern India. The lake is situated approximately 220 km to the southwest of Leh and surrounding area are protected as the Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve.(WCR)The lake is at an altitude of 14,836 ft from sea level. It is the largest of the high altitude lakes entirely within Ladakh, India It is about 16 miles north to south in length and two to three miles wide. The lake has no channel at present and the water is briny though not very perceptible to taste. The Tso moriri lake is located to the southeast of Leh in eastern Ladakh, at a road distance of 220 kilometres. The road is in a quite good condition for the most part. One can also reach Tso Moriri directly from the Pangong Tso via the remote Changtang region. This is considered to be one of the most beautiful drives or rides in the entire Ladakh region. Foreigners are not allowed to go beyond the Man-Merak villages on Pangong Tso as permits are not issued for the foreigners. The distance between Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri is 235 km and there are no petrol pumps between pangong Lake and Tso moriri in the area. Carrying enough fuel is therefore necessary. Positively the most enticement destination in Ladakh, Tso Moriri is a vast alpine lake cradled by mighty snow-clad peaks. Home to a wide array of exotic wildlife species like wild asses, Tibetan wolves, yaks, cows and geese, Tso Moriri offers an experience of Mother Nature in her most divine, untouched forms. The lake remains wrap in the relatively less explored nooks of Ladakh, and bears promises of tranquility, solitude and thrill. The night sky is a mishmash of the sprawling arm of Milky Way, adorned with countless stars and constellations! It is beauty dissimilar any other, and has the potential to change your perspective, and by extension, your life

Korzok Monastery

The Korzok Monastery, on the western bank of the Tso moriri lake is 400 years old and attracts tourists and Buddhist pilgrims. Best time to visit Korzok Monastery and Tso moriri in May September attracts large number of foreigners and local tourists even though tented accommodation is the facility available, apart from a small PWD guest house close to the Lake.Northeast of Tso Moriri is a small lake which is known locally as Lake of Joy.Accessibility to the lake is largely limited to summer season, though Korzok on the northwest shore and the military facilities on the eastern shores have year-round habitation. World Wide Fund for Nature India (WWF-India) is spearheading the efforts at conservation of the Tso Moriri lake in particular, and the Ladakh region in general. WWFs work as a NGO have spanned more than 30 years. The main objective set by WWF is the main activities planned for the Tso Moriri and other wetlands in Ladakh regions are.