Changthang Valley

Tsokar Lake

Tso Kar, word means Tso (lake) Kar (White) which means �White Lake� known for its size and depth, is a fluctuating salt lake situated in the Rupshu Plateau and valley in the southern part of Ladakh. Lake is situated approximately 183 kms from southeast of Leh. Tso Kar Lake is one of the three high altitude salt water lakes in Leh, Ladakh. Lake is located at an altitude of 4660 m (15280 ft) in the Changthang region. One can also reach Tso Moriri directly from the Tso Kar via Sumdo Village. The distance between Tso Kar to Tso Moriri is 88 km. The Tso Kar is known as the �White Lake� because the white salt of the water deposits all over the lake shores. Tso-Kar Lake can be reached in a 3-4 hours drives or rides from Leh The road crosses the villages of Upshi and Rumtse and traverses the Tanglang La (17480 ft), The lake was an great source of salt, which the Changpa nomads used to export to Tibet. The nomadic settlement of Thugje is located 3-4 km in the north. There is a tented camps and Guest house on the west bank of the lake which provides accommodation for tourists

Wildlife in Tsokar

The Tso-Kar lake is very popular for bird watchers. The area of Tso-kar lake is surrounded by wildlife animals and birds.There are large breeding colonies of grebes and brown-headed gulls, and some strip geese, rust geese and terns. In the vicinity of the lake black-necked cranes. The basin of the Tso Kar and the adjacent More Plains constitute one of the most important surroundings of the kiang, Tibetan gazelles, Tibetan wolves and foxes; there are steppe marmots in the higher reaches. Yaks and horses are kept by the nomads.