nubra valley

Panamik Hot Spring Water

Panamik is the northernmost part of the country up to which foreign travellers are permitted to travel in Ladakh, India. The hot water sulphur springs in the valley of Panamik are situated at an altitude of around 10442 feet above sea level.Panamik is a beautiful scenic village in the Nubra valley and famous for its hot spring water and Ensa Gompa (temple). its approximately 150 kilometers away from Leh. the Panamik is the last destination for tourists travelling across Ladakh.Road to Panamik is well laid. People are friendly and helpful. These hot springs have high amount of sulphur in them and it is believed to have medicinal properties which can cure rheumatism and other ailments the Panamik village is visited daily by the people from neighboring villages.The mountains just so unique and majestic mountains of different colours rise from the valley. Snow can be seen on the peaks and lush green valley make the visit to Panamik absolutely amazing. As the region is located on the Indo-Tibetan border

Ensa Gompa (temple)

Panamik village is also famous for a base for the trek to Ensa Gompa, Which is 250 years old Gompa(temple) famous for its Buddhist murals. The Trek takes around three to four hours, the path which leads to the Gompa takes hikers through boulders scatter in the bed of the river. There is a wooden bridge to cross the Nubra river, the approach to Ensa Gompa (temple) is pleasant after crossing the bridge, with willow and poplar trees.