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Hemis Monastery

Hemis Monastery or Hemis Gompa is one of the iconic Buddhist monastery in Ladakh. Monastery belongs to the Drukpa Kargyutpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism, situated 45 kms away from Leh in Hemis, Ladakh, India. The monastery was re-established by the King Sengge Namgyal of Ladakh in 1672.

Hemis Monastery is perched on a mountain along the west bank of River Indus. People eagerly await to wonder at the numerous historical paintings and Thangkas that are carefully preserved here and are displayed on the famous Hemis Festival. A copper gilded statue of Lord Buddha is nestled within the monastery. Many other stupas that are said to be made of precious metal like gold and silver can also be seen here.A large statue of Guru Rinpoche is also quite interesting to witness.


The Hemis Monastery is existed before 11th century. Naropa, the teacher of the translator Marpa Lotsawa and the pupil of the yogi Tilopa, are regarded as the founding fathers of the Kagyu-lineage of Buddhism in Ladakh. Naropa's biography that was found in Hemis monastery .Naropa is considered the founding father of the Kagyutpa lineage of the Himalayan esoteric Buddhism. Hence Hemis Monastery is the main seat of the Kagyu-lineage of Buddhism. The first incarnation of Stagsang Raspa Nawang Gyatso founded the Hemis monastery in 1630 when he was invited to Ladakh by the King Singay Namgyal.


The Hemis Tsechu (festival) dedicated to Lord Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) venerated as the Dance Performance at Hemis Monastery representative Second Buddha. His birth anniversary falls on the 10th day of the fifth month of the Monkey year as predicted by the Buddha Shakyamuni. It is also believed that his life mission is was, and remains, to improve the spiritual condition of all living beings The mask dance also known as Cham performed by the Lamas of the Hemis Monastery to dramatically express the superiority of good over evil forces.

Nearby attractions

A sacred hermitage is located few kms away from the monastery. The hermitage is founded by the great Gyalwa Kotsang whose footprints and handprints can be found on the rock

There is a Hemis National Park famous for Snow leopards and rare animals dwell in their natural habitat.