Sight seeing

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame is a museum in Leh constructed by the Indian Army in memory of the brave Indian soldiers who laid down their lives defending the motherland in the Indo-Pak wars. The Hall of Fame museum is located on the Leh Srinagar Highway, about 4km from the city of Leh.

Inside Hall of Fame

The Two stories Hall of Fame museum, which is divided into various sections contain several displays.On the ground floor, there is a section which displays the history of Kings, culture and other associated facts with Ladakh. It also consists of a memento shop where you can buy several items including t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs and pashmina shawls, besides others. You can also get a photo shoot clad in the Ladakhi dress in the photo shop and get the prints after paying a small amount of money. In the upper floor of Hall of Fame museum, there is a section named OP Vijay Gallery. Here, one can see the various kinds of weapons used in the battle of Kargil, along with the various arms and ammunition captured by the Indian Army during the war. On the another section, various kinds of apparel and amenities used by the Indian Army in the Siachen region have also been displayed. Some of these show the pictures of army posts on the siachen glacier, living accommodation of the troops and the training process of the troops on ice walls, besides others.