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Changla Pass

The Chang La word means “Eastern pass” (Chang = east, La = Pass) at altitude of 5,360 mt (17,590 ft) is a high mountain pass in Ladakh, India It is claimed to be the third highest motorable road in the world. Chang La is approached from Leh via Kharu and Sakti village by road. The climb is very steep and requires a careful drive or ride. The stretch of 10-15 kilometers road on either side from Chang la is loose dirt and slush. During the summer months like July and August specifically the tourist season, small streams appear across the road, making the climb a challenge for the bikers. When moving down from Chang La towards Tangtse or Darbuk is again very steep. It is advisable to not stay at the top for more than 15-20 mins as it could be detrimental to health owing to its high altitude.

The Chang La, lies on the road between Leh and Pangong Lake. The small town of Tangtse is the nearest settlement. The Changla Pass is the main gateway for the Changthang Plateau situated in the southeastern of Ladakh. The nomadic tribes of the region are collectively known as the Changpa.. The world’s highest research station, established by the Defence Research and Development Organisation is functional in Chang La at a height of 17,664 ft from sea level.