Sham valley

Alchi Temple

Alchi temple is one of the oldest temple in Ladakh built in 10th century by renowned Lo-tsa-wa Rinchen Zangpo. All the 32 artist who contributed to building Alchi temple were Hindus brought from Kashmir. Alchi village is situated at 66 km from west to the Leh,It is administered by the Likir Monastery.Alchi temple is one of the most well-known ones. The walls of the site are adorned with paintings depicting the details of Hindu kings as well as the teaching of Buddhism. There is also a huge Buddha statue in the complex, a famous tourist attraction.The artistic and spiritual details of both Buddhism and the Hindu kings of that time in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are reflected in the wall paintings in the Temple. These are some of the oldest remaining paintings in Ladakh. The complex also has huge statues of the Buddha (Shakyamuni) Alchi Temple is also part of the three temples (all in west of Leh region) which constitute the 'Alchi group of monuments'; the other two Temples adjoining Alchi are the Mangyu Temple and Sumda Chun Temple . The masterpiece in these three villages are stated to be of "unique style and worksmanship", but the Alchi monastic complex is the best known